ORBIZ are a global consulting firm who facilitate the rapid delivery of significant and sustainable improvements in performance across a diversity of industries.

We facilitate turnaround, transformation and strategic improvement programs through the development and implementation of a system and culture of Lean and continuous improvement.

This enables our clients to increase the effectiveness of their organisations by making them easier to manage, more flexible, more competitive and overall more profitable.



Our team of industry professionals have been selected based on their extensive experience from the highest performing industries and organisations around the world, and their passion and enthusiasm for engaging with people to successfully transfer that knowledge and experience.

With a strategic focus on the Mining, Rail, Construction, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Utilities and Facility Management industries, our services range from the optimisation of business development systems to deliver growth, through to operating system improvements that reduce cost through improvements in safety, quality and productivity.


"Continuous improvement is about perpetual progress."

Continuous improvement is founded on the principle of positive, ongoing change - the virtuous cycle. A concept that defines our core ethos at ORBIZ Performance Specialists.

We are a team of experienced and dynamic Lean management consultants, driven by a passion to deliver strategic performance improvement outcomes in business operations and financial metrics across sectors, geographies and organisation types.



“High performance outcomes, enabled by simplified processes, engineered by committed people, inspired by a powerful purpose - in a continuous improvement cycle.”

At ORBIZ, we pride ourselves on consistently delivering to this promise by embracing our clients’ strategic imperatives, and embedding the best people who spread a high-performance culture. We implement efficient processes that eliminate waste and enhance quality to produce targeted results.

Typical outcomes include reduction in costs and increases in capacity utilisation, throughput, revenue, profitability and customer value.


We believe simple thinking can lead to solid results when clarity, competence and commitment converge. An idea that permeates everything we do and is encapsulated in the ORBIZ tagline:

Simplifying operations.
Amplifying outcomes.

ORBIZ Performance Specialists have extensive experience in facilitating change in challenging environments by utilising Lean tools and techniques, during engagements around the world across diverse industries - Mining, Energy, Construction, Transport, Aerospace, Manufacturing, and Healthcare. Our people are industry professionals driven to achieve sustained results through the development of trusted relationships.


The ORBIZ Way is a simple methodology, based on the Lean operating principles practiced by the highest performing industries and organisations across the world. Summed up as the THE VIRTUOUS CICLE.

The letters CI represent Continuous Improvement, the very reason we exist.

THE VIRTUOUS CICLE begins with a clear, overarching Purpose that aligns People across the value chain to devise an efficient Process, driving Performance improvement beyond the duration of any engagement.

for a more indepth explanation of 'The ORBIZ Way' please click here.