ORBIZ provides a range of products and services that enable significant increases in project delivery capability and commercial performance across all aspects of the construction project lifecycle.

Through the application of Lean Construction principles in infrastructure, buildings, and industrial facility projects, we enable our clients to harness industry best practices to increase governance, reduce risk, and control performance outcomes.


The ORBIZ PERFORMANCE SYSTEM brings transparency to commercial and program deliverables at all organisational levels, creating a platform of accountability that enables effective governance and the promotion of continuous improvement and innovation initiatives.

Throughout the end-to-end project lifecycle, the ORBIZ PERFORMANCE SYSTEM provides an integrated performance management framework that highlights risks, delays, and underperformance in real-time, facilitating structured problem-solving to enable corrective actions to be quickly developed and effectively deployed.


SYNCHRONISED CITE ™ is an integrated performance management system that simplifies construction site operations to optimise the flow of resources and deliver maximum productivity.

Based on the principles of Lean and continuous improvement, this comprehensive system is an established method that provides program surety and optimal cost-effectiveness to site operations.


Through our partnership with US-based software company Touchplan®, ORBIZ provides a web-based, accessible-anywhere, construction collaboration platform that enables effective implementation of the Last Planner System. Touchplan helps construction companies better measure, validate, and continuously improve the building process in real-time.

Through seamless integration with the ORBIZ PERFORMANCE SYSTEM, Touchplan enables construction organisations to effectively deploy the Last Planner System as part of a holistic Lean Construction management system.


We provide a range of consultancy services and management systems that significantly increase performance through the project planning and design phases. Our consultancy services streamline commercial functions and methods to improve planning and tendering process efficiency.

Our traditional and digital visual management systems create a platform for effective governance and performance control across all aspects of the development and delivery phases by creating transparency and accountability at all organisational levels.

The innovative approach we bring to managing the construction design phase through visual management improves lead times by highlighting risks and delays in real-time whilst providing robust cost controls.


We provide a range of advisory services, including needs assessment, options analysis, and due diligence, to provide an independent view of delivery program feasibility and projected performance. Our team make data-driven technical recommendations to de-risk construction programs, increase productivity, and reduce cost.