Deploying Operational Strategy through a Visual Management Centre


The site leadership team had recognised that ownership of deliverables in the operational strategy was unclear, leading to consistently missed daily, weekly, and monthly deliverables.

The need to implement cascading visual management forums to enable the operational KPIs to be understood and managed was clear. Increasing the governance of site projects and improvement initiatives was also required.


A sitewide implementation strategy was developed, including cascading action plans and a supporting governance process. Following this activity, the team then set out to facilitate the implementation of eight Visual Management Centres (VMC), including a formal problem-solving process across the value stream of the business.

ORBIZ mirrored the Improvement Engineer’s roster for two swings to fully immerse in the business, primarily focusing on the detail behind the current operational performance and existing improvement projects.


The development of localised VMCs and a new project governance process was facilitated with the full engagement of the site leadership team. The new systems were then implemented with a tailored training program.

Once the new systems were in place, hands-on coaching and mentoring were provided, enabling the users to effectively utilise the new processes and sustain the new ways of working.


  • $21.6m pa revenue increase delivered through 64kt uplift in ore tonnage
  • $6m pa cost saving by projects selected and delivered through the new governance process
  • 17.5% reduction in shift changeover duration through quick changeover initiative