With experience across open pit and underground operational environments we are able to support our clients to make significant and sustainable improvements in operational and financial performance.

Through the development of customised management systems that enable performance transparency and accountability our clients are able to make step change improvements in the exploration, site development and operational environments.


The ORBIZ team have vast experience across all aspects of mobile fleet and fixed plant, maintenance and asset management services, from the successful end to end delivery of the whole of business Management Operating Systems, the intervention and performance improvement of stressed mining operations, the transformation of mobile fleet workshops and fixed plant environments.

Our experience encompasses open pit and underground operations, mobile fleet and associated component heavy maintenance and rebuilds, fixed plant planned and breakdown servicing, shutdowns, Greenfield and Brownfield facility design, development and project management.


ORBIZ have successfully facilitated the generation of visual management systems for both green and brown field mining construction projects, enabling both open pit and underground operations to be project managed in a clear, visual and efficient manner, resulting in them being delivered on time and on budget.

It is essential that fixed plant and the supporting equipment are aligned in their delivery to enable a well organised final installation and pre-commissioning phase, to guarantee the project achieves its performance, reliability, and quality targets as soon as possible post the pre-commissioning stage.

ORBIZ have supported the project specialist teams through the setup and final stages of construction, enabling processing plants to achieve the rigorous commissioning deadlines in a safe and efficient environment, which have then progressed onto smooth ramp-ups phases.


Our capability is equally as effective in the support services environment as it is in the operational setting. ORBIZ are able to support the development of high performance programs of work or rapidly intervene and improve the performance of stressed programs.

We are also experienced in supporting the successful delivery of commercially complex mining infrastructure construction projects and facilitating effective interventional programs that rapidly improve the performance of stressed construction projects.




In preparation for operation or as an interventional measure, ORBIZ develop and implement management systems for open pit, underground, construction and commercial environments that provide control and consistency of performance enabling programs to be delivered on-time and on-budget.

Deploying Lean methodologies such as visual management centres, A3 plan on a page, standard operating procedures, tiered meeting structures and robust problem solving processes, we develop customised, industry best-practice management systems that make businesses and programs easier to manage whilst significantly increasing performance.


Providing all aspects of project management services with change management specialisation in challenging environments, ORBIZ have vast experience in successfully delivering large construct, operate and maintain projects and facilitating interventional initiatives of mine, plant, construction and commissioning projects that find themselves in stress and unable to deliver on program and cost imperatives.

Through the provision of leadership and critical analysis ORBIZ are able to quickly diagnose key issues to recommend and then implement organisational and management system solutions that rapidly improve performance to put organisations and projects back on track.


ORBIZ provide services across the engineering disciplines including the introduction of Phase-Gate management principles in the design process, industrial engineering support in the development of Greenfield and Brownfield facilities to deliver manufacturing, maintenance and overhaul programs, and production engineering to develop management systems and processes that deliver programs in a safe and efficient manner whilst meeting challenging program, budgetary and compliance requirements.

We facilitate rapid performance improvements in procurement across major projects from improved management systems for the initial supplier selection process through to improving the effectiveness of supply chain management.


From the development of work winning systems and processes that increase effectiveness and efficiency, to engineering, estimating and project management support throughout the tendering process, ORBIZ have extensive experience in supporting organisations to significantly improve their win ratio and successfully secure major packages of work.

Our capability encompasses open pit and underground operations, all aspects of mobile and fixed plant asset management, engineering and technical support services.