ORBIZ Partners with Touchplan®

Lean thinking and technology combine to deliver an integrated performance management system.

Lean Construction specialists, ORBIZ, has partnered with US-based software company, Touchplan, to bring its web-based, accessible-anywhere construction collaboration tool to the Asia Pacific region.As part of the agreement, ORBIZ will integrate Touchplan’s much-coveted software into its lean construction offering to deliver an integrated performance management system.

By enabling effective implementation of the Last Planner System®, the new offering will help construction companies better measure, validate and continuously improve the building process in real-time.ORBIZ has extensive experience in supporting construction organisations to implement Lean Construction systems that increase performance across the project lifecycle whilst creating a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

The expertise of ORBIZ, combined with the Touchplan software platform, will enable construction organisations to effectively deploy the Last Planner System, whilst embracing the latest technology to increase construction productivity.

With Australia combatting a recession and the construction industry widely touted as the lifeblood of the economy, ORBIZ Director, Ross Sterland, believes there’s never been a more critical time for companies to be looking at new ways to increase productivity and the certainty of project timelines.

“We are seeing ongoing high investment in construction projects over the next few years, particularly by the public sector, as Australia looks to navigate out of recession and drive the economy forward,” said Sterland.

“Our goal is to help both the private and public sector capitalise on that investment by deploying it in the most cost-efficient way possible.

“One way we will achieve this is through our alliance with Touchplan. We’re harnessing the latest technology to mobilise a key component of our performance management system, streamlining collaboration and making it easier to deploy,” added Sterland.

Since launching in 2013, Touchplan has been extremely well received by the construction industry. The company grew exponentially over the past few years and is utilised by leading organisations across the world – including McConnell Dowell, servicing South East Asia, and US-based operations like Jacobsen Construction and ANDRES. Executive Vice President of Touchplan, Hal Macomber, is confident that through this partnership with ORBIZ, it can replicate that success in Australia.

“Within the construction sector, there’s a need for more technology and tools that support collaboration across teams, particularly as these teams continue to work more remotely in the post-COVID world. Touchplan does precisely this, enabling both planners and broader teams to collaboratively coordinate tasks and efficiently execute projects in a remote working environment.

“We look forward to arming an increasing number of Australian construction organisations with this tool via our collaboration with ORBIZ, ensuring they successfully complete a wide range of construction projects on-time, with maximum efficiency.”

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