Project delays are a constant problem in the construction industry – and many projects lack a robust system for managing day-to-day operational performance. Whether it’s an infrastructure, buildings, or industrial facility project, chaos can ensue when it becomes a race against time to complete.

Construction projects can face significant challenges, including supply chain delays, subcontractor alignment, workforce restrictions, moving timelines, and a lack of data and information to foresee impending problems. Just one of these issues can derail a project. If multiple issues converge, the consequences can be severe.

So how do you collaborate effectively with all your project stakeholders, including subcontractors and suppliers, and get everyone working from the same program? How do you enable better decision-making, avoid confusion, and keep everyone up to date when problems occur and plans change?

We introduce Touchplan® – the collaborative planning software tool that enables complete construction project control.

There has been a shortage of technology and tools to support project planning collaboration and real-time progress reporting in the construction industry. Touchplan addresses these gaps by enabling construction teams to coordinate tasks, monitor performance and quickly adjust plans to deliver projects efficiently.


Utilising Last Planner® System principles, Touchplan enables teams to see constraints ahead of time and react proactively to keep projects on schedule.

The interface is easy to use. It looks like sticky notes on a wall, allowing users to get up to speed quickly and begin collaborating.

Team members access Touchplan through mobile devices or personal computers to report daily progress, reschedule activities and notify everyone else in real-time whilst providing detailed commentary for variations.

The web-based, accessible-anywhere platform enables teams to collaborate effectively at any time, even when they are unable to get together physically.

Touchplan provides customisable reports in the form of actionable insights by utilising the comprehensive data set it generates and a suite of analytics features.

ORBIZ has incorporated Touchplan into its Lean Construction system to provide an integrated performance management framework for the construction industry.

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